Those Served and Therapeutic Methods

I specialize in working with people who are highly sensitive, neurodiverse, and/or deeply empathic. Many of my clients have unique learning styles, may have ADHD/ADD, or sensory sensitivities as well as exceptional gifts that may or may not be known to them, but possess what I refer to as “super-powers.” Often, people seek me out because they have not yet learned to harness their gifts and struggle with being highly sensitive or overly empathetic, and sometimes concern for others outweighs concern for themselves. When you feel deeply and are easily hurt, you can become stuck and feel as though your nervous system is hijacked. This can get in the way of showing up as you intend and being your authentic self.

With over 25 years of clinical experience, I draw upon an eclectic array of eastern (non-traditional) and western (traditional) therapeutic techniques and methodologies. I am a neuroscience enthusiast and continually seek to understand how we learn and relate to one another. I remain engaged in ongoing continuing education training, staying abreast of the cutting edge advances in neuroscience, clinical research and energy psychology to meet to the diverse and evolving needs of my clients.

I am licensed to provide services to people located in Georgia (in-person and telehealth) and Florida (telehealth only).

I believe every experience in life and each person we meet are opportunities for greater understanding of ourselves, deeper connection to others and further understanding of the world/universe. Let’s get curious.

See below for more information and reach out if you have any questions.


Adolescents (15-17) & Adults (18+)Parents

Specialty Treatment Areas

ANS/Vagus Nerve DysfunctionCompassion Fatigue/Caregiver Burn Out
Trauma Resolution: Developmental & SituationalRejection Sensitivity
Anxiety, Fear, ShameRelationship Challenges
Depression, Loneliness, Social IsolationLife Transitions and Independent Living
Grief & LossAttention Deficits, Hyper-focusing, Hyperactivity
Parenting & Adoption Support Executive Functioning Skills-related to neuro-developmental issues, trauma, ADHD, stress, traumatic brain injury or illness
Attachment & SeparationPerformance, Advancement & Achievement
Stress & Time ManagementCoping with New or Existing Life Altering Disabilities, Diagnoses or Conditions
BullyingFamily Conflict and Communication Problems
Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia (Neurodevelopmental disorders)Aging Parent & Generational Issues
LGBTQIA+ Acceptance/Rejection Cultural and Ethnic Diversity/Impact of Racism
Cravings and Compulsions Mind, Body & Spiritual Connectedness
Low Self-Concept & Self-WorthPhysiological Issues Unresolved by Doctors
Self-CompassionSecondary Trauma-Therapists, First Responders, Front Line Health Care Workers, Law Enforcement

Integrative Therapy Modalities

Polyvagal Theory/Nervous System RegulationEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping
BrainspottingMindfulness/Mindful Self-Compassion
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP)Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)
HypnotherapyCreative Arts & Expressive Therapies
Structural/Strategic Family TherapyMindfulness, Meditation & Breath Work
Meridian Activation Energy Psychology

What to Expect in Therapy

In my role as therapist, I gently guide and support you through a process of skill building, self-discovery, self-compassion and self-acceptance. You will learn about the essential connections between your mind, body and energy… and gain a better understanding of of these connections from a wholistic perspective. You will learn skills to cope with discomfort and tolerate that which you cannot control. You will be invited to work through past hurts and learn to embrace your gifts & strengths. Through our work together, you will develop a variety of mindfulness, nervous system and emotional regulation tools to navigate your inner and outer life more effectively. You will be invited to explore your current circumstances in all life realms, as well as to examine how your experiences and relationships have shaped how you see yourself, others, and the world. With this understanding, you will be encouraged to consider what thoughts, actions and perceptions work well for you and which do not so you can reshape your experiences.

Throughout the therapeutic process, you will be have an opportunity to explore what self-sabotaging behaviors, self-defeating thoughts, and false perceptions may be interfering with your life. Perhaps you will uncover unique strengths and abilities that you easily dismiss or consider to be faults. I will introduce you to a variety of new coping skills. I will teach you tools that are intended to help you navigate life stressors more effectively as you rediscover yourself and what is possible. Through acceptance, self-compassion and non-judgement you can begin to see yourself, others, and the world through a new lens.

It is through this new lens and a renewed sense of self that you may begin to breathe easier, feel rested, energized and at ease. It is my hope that through our work together you will experience feeling seen, deeply known, understood and accepted. With your permission, I will incorporate a combination of integrative cutting edge mind-body-spirit techniques, along with traditional methods to best meet your individualized needs. Some of these may include but are not limited to focused mindfulness, breath work, movement, eye movements, cognitive restructuring, vagal toning, sound, autonomic nervous system regulation, meditation, and self-compassion.

As a neuroscience enthusiast, I continually seek to better understand how we learn and draw upon the power of the mind-body-spirit connection. By introducing and teaching you tools that serve your needs, it is my intention to guide you to create a balanced state of being within your mind, body and spirit. This will unlock the pathway to emotional healing, better health and overall well-being.

When Does Therapy End

Therapy concludes whenever you decide, but it is my hope that we will make that decision together. Therapy with me is not intended to be life long; your time in therapy is based on your effort and how responsive you are to working through that which brought you here. Your success and time in therapy is dependent on how you make use of the tools and insights you learn… and it all starts when you are ready.

You will likely start with weekly sessions and as you progress toward your goals, you will be invited to consider biweekly, and often then monthly sessions before transitioning out of therapy. Therapy concludes, ideally, when you have worked through the stuck points, reached your goals and have learned the primary tools and resources to navigate without my help. If you hit periodic bumps in the road, you are welcome to reach out again on an as needed basis to refresh your tools and be reminded of the wisdom that you already possess.

If at any point, your level of need increases beyond what I can offer or issues surface that are outside the scope of my practice, we will discuss this and referral resources will be provided.

Should either you or I, or we collectively decide that you are not getting what you need in this relationship, I will be more than happy to assist with offering some referral resources to best meet your needs.

Whether our work together is short or long, it will come to an end. However, once a client, you will always be considered a client and can always reach out following discharge as needed.

Discharges are generally something to celebrate, because it means you have done the work for which you sought therapy. It is my aim that you can see yourself, others and the world through a new lens, adjusting your perceptions, and letting go of whatever got in the way of you living your best life. Success in therapy looks different for everyone, but in my humble opinion, a successful discharge is when a client has learned the power of conscious breathing and the mind-body-energy connection, has the skills to be more mindful and present, allows themselves to be more vulnerable and authentic, accepts their feelings and experiences, learns to trust their inner knowing and navigates the ups and downs of life with a bit more grace and compassion.

Are you ready to get started?