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Crisis Numbers, Books, Websites & More

If your have an immediate life threatening emergency for which you need an ambulance, police or fire department response, dial 911.

If you are having a mental health crisis and need to speak to a counselor, call or text 988. This is a nationwide 24-hour/7 days per week Crisis Access Lifeline for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Emergencies.

Limited Availability. I am considered an outpatient practice and do not offer 24-hour emergency services. I often am not immediately available outside of regular appointments, so please seek emergency services first and reach out to me AFTER you have received those services to update me on your status. I usually return call within 24 hours or the next business day.

Crisis Lines

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Info and Resources

Learning EFT Tapping Basics Handout Tapping to Reduce Stress & Anxiety related to COVID-19
Introduction to EFT Tapping VideoEFT International Website
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology WebsiteEFT International – Science and Research

Relaxation, Breathwork and Mindfulness Tools

10-Minute Guided Meditation15-Minute Guided Body Scan Meditation
20-Minute Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety and StressMeditation Music from Sonic Yogi
Guided Meditation for Difficult Times with Tara Brach10-Minute Meditation for Anxiety
Buteyko “Nasal” BreathingChakra Tune up- Himalayan Singing Bowls

Parenting and Human Development Resources

Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain by Daniel J. Siegel
CDC on Parenting Essentials
The Whole Brain Child:12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind  by Dr. Dan Siegel, M.D., and Tina Payne Bryson,  Ph.D.
No Drama Discipline: The Whole Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind By Dr. Dan Siegel, M.D.
No Drama Discipline Work Book  by Dr. Dan Siegel, M.D.
A Safe Place: Parenting Strategies for Facilitating Attachment and Sensory Regulation by Daniel Hughes, Ph.D., and Jan Koomar, Ph.D., OTR/L
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
Gay Parenting Magazine- LGBTQ+ Resources

Neurodiversity, Learning Disabilities, and Dyslexia Resources

What is Dyslexia?Georgia Department of Education Parent’s Rights
Dyslexia InternationalWhat is ADHD?
Decoding Dyslexia-Georgia ChapterDecoding Dyslexia
Highly Sensitive PersonsUnderstanding Neurodiversity

Mental Health Resources

SAMHSA’s Suicide Prevention
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
MyGCAL app for Android and iPhone
The National Domestic Violence Hotline Website
Questions and Answers about Memories of Childhood Abuse
Answers to Your Questions About Panic Disorder
National Center for PTSD
Depression and How Therapy Can Help
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Internet Mental Health
Drugs, Medications and Resources

Licensing and Credentialing Resources

Georgia Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapist
Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family and Mental Health Counseling
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) International