There is no better time than the present to start feeling better and living with confidence, contentment and ease.

Welcome to Essential Connections Counseling & Consulting

My name is Lisa Reid. My approach integrates the traditional therapeutic relationship with talk therapy along with cutting-edge experiential mind-body-spirit based techniques. With gentle facilitation, support and extensive clinical skills, clients are invited to be curious of their present experience and notice thoughts, beliefs and behavioral patterns that get in the way of living the life they want. You will be given opportunities to harness their strengths and cultivate their gifts, as well as gain valuable tools and skills to support them in achieving their therapy goals. Through the therapeutic relationship which is at the heart of the clinical process, deep lasting emotional, physiological, neurological and energetic shifts are possible.

What Challenges Are You Noticing?

Are you struggling with being a highly sensitive person?

Have you felt shame for it or been told you are too sensitive?

Do you feel misunderstood, alone, like you you don’t know where you fit in?

Do you get overwelmed or shut down by the energies and emotions of others?

As you find yourself having to adapt to the many changes and challenges life brings, you may be feeling additional anxiety and stress by what is happening around you and within you. You’ve always known you experience yourself and the world differently from others, and maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it… but you’re not feeling okay.

This might be the right place for you if you are finding yourself struggling in key areas of your life? Have difficulty sleeping? Procrastinate? Motivated yet mystified about what makes it so hard to get started or finishing what you want to do? Getting stuck in the same thought and behavior patterns? Relationship struggles? Emotional reactions get in the way of demonstrating how you truly feel inside? Smart, high achiever or performer who feels stuck?

When your stress levels exceed your coping skills and/or artificial barriers get in your way from living the way you know (that inner knowing deep down inside yourself) is possible, it may be time for professional help.

What is Possibile?

Take a moment to imagine yourself breathing deeply… picture your body feeling relaxed and at ease. Consider what it would be like if all the negative things you have been telling yourself or learned at critical points in your life were no longer true? What if you could believe something different about yourself, others and the world?

What if it were possible for you to be fully accepting of yourself? What if you could focus on that which is within your control and allow yourself to let go of judgement, shame, expectations, anxiety and fear? What if you could be comfortable with yourself, in your body and with your life?

Now imagine how it might feel to have a sense of inner peace, calm and confidence. Countless clients have found their way to experience new possibilities in working with me. When you allow yourself to notice what is deep inside your heart, listen and believe that part of you that knows something else is possible, possibilities exist. By integrating a traditional therapeutic relationship with cutting-edge mind-body-spirit approaches, new possibilites can become your reality. Is a part of you ready to contact me? What if you could trust that part of yourself more? Reach out today if any small part of you is ready for new possibilities.

Benefits of Online Therapy

I offer both in person and online therapy services. Online therapy is a convenient, safe and secure way to work directly with a skilled and experienced therapist from the comfort of your home or other confidential space. Once you try it, you may never want to see a therapist in the office again. Online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. Speak to me about your preference as to which format is most appropriate and comfortable for you.

Serving Older Teens, Adults, Couples & Families

If you believe you might be wired differently or consider yourself neurodivergent, highly sensitive, deeply empathic, intuitive, and/or gifted in some way, you are in the right place. Clients who work well with me are often struggling with one or more of the following: attention/concentration, learning disabilities, attachment/relationship issues, trauma, anxiety, life transitions, parenting, ADHD, autism, gifted, high achievers/performance, and/or new diagnoses to name a few. I enjoy working with older teens (15+), young adults, adults, older adults, parents, couples and families.

Contact Lisa today if you could use help with:

  • Lowering your level of stress and anxiety experienced in your body
  • Overcoming what keeps you stuck and interferes with getting things done
  • Breaking undesired behavior patterns related to relationships, cravings, spending/finances, phobias, weight loss, and others
  • Performance enhancement at work, school, athletics or hobbies
  • Reducing or eliminating physical pain and discomfort that doctor’s can’t explain
  • Feeling empowered to have the kind of relationships and friendships you desire
  • Letting go of persistent self-doubt and shame that interferes with leading the life a part of you knows is possible
  • Trusting in your intuition skills and spiritual gifts
  • Achieving lasting joy, independence and abundance
  • Feeling heard, understood, and accepted
  • Experiencing yourself authentically and showing up for yourself and with others in the way you intended

Are you ready for your therapy journey?

Possibilities await. Together we can explore whether in-person or online or a combination is best for you and your needs. Your hard work during each session, coupled with self-care work done between appointments, will make all the difference in achieving your therapeutic goals regardless of being seen online or in-person.

Reach out today to request an appointment or visit my Psychology Today profile.

Licensed in Georgia and Florida

In accordance with being licensed as a clinical social worker (LCSW), my online therapy clients must be physically located in the state of Georgia or Florida at the time services are rendered. Persons who see me in person drive from as far south as Buckhead to Canton, Smyrna to Suwanee and everywhere in between. My physical office is located in Alpharetta, Georgia and is easily accessible from GA-400 (near exit 10 or 11) or Hwy 9.

I adhere to and often exceed the highest standards of ethical practice of the social work profession, regulations of my state licenses, federal government, and my chosen affiliations. Respecting the inherent dignity and worth of all persons is one of my core values. It is my intention to uphold safe, inclusive and non-discrimination policies in my practice. I aim to create a welcoming environment, treat each person in a caring and respectful fashion, and be mindful of individual differences and cultural and ethnic diversity.

Differences may include ability, age, appearance, ethnicity, family/marital/relationship status, gender identity and expression, immigration status, military/veteran status, nationality, political ideology, race, religion/spirituality, sex, sexuality, economic status, personal identities and experiences.

Central to maintaining an effective practice, I am continually working to enhance my own clinical competence with ongoing training, supervision, along with cultural competence through self-awareness, cultural humility and a commitment to understanding and embracing culture and diversity. Contact me if you are ready for a refreshing and new type of therapy experience.