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Life is hard and sometimes we all need some outside help. I work with children, teens, adults, couples and families who seek change in their lives. As a therapist, I will help you explore what is working & what is not, learn more effective coping and life skills, and learn to accept what you can't change. Therapy isn't magic, but it can feel like that when it works.


There is no better time than the present to start feeling better and living with confidence, contentment, and compassion.

Online ‘Telemental Health’ Video Conferencing Available

In these uncertain times, you may be feeling additional anxiety and stress by what is happening around you. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you’re not feeling okay.

Are you finding yourself forgetting things, lacking motivation, having difficulty sleeping or just not interested in doing things that you used to enjoy? When your coping skills exceed the level of stress you are under, it may be time for professional help.

Imagine yourself breathing deeply. . . feeling relaxed and at ease . . . accepting of what is in within your control. . . and having a sense of inner peace and self-confidence. (Did you just take a deep breath reading this?)

With LIVE online video conferencing, called ‘telemental health,’ I make it easy to receive therapy services through a simple and secure online portal. By using my online ‘telemental health’ therapy services, you can safely address your emotional health needs without compromising your physical health. Contact me today if you could use help with:

  • Lowering your emotional and physical reactions to stress
  • Overcoming blocks that get in the way of you thriving at work, accomplishing tasks or achieving financial abundance
  • Finding a way to break unhealthy patterns (i.e. cravings, phobias, weight, fitness, money, etc.)
  • Reducing physical pain and discomfort
  • Feel empowered enough to have the kind of relationships and friendships you deserve
  • Letting go of persistent thoughts and doubts that have you sell yourself short and interfere with leading the life a part of you knows is possible

Helping highly-sensitive people to feel heard, understood and accepted.

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