Family Therapy

 “We can’t be ‘all in’ if only parts of us show up. If were’re not living, loving, parenting or leading with our whole, integrated hearts, we’re doing it half-heartedly.” 

Brené Brown

Achieve peace and harmony through family therapy

Therapy with families is intended to adjust and strengthen relationships. Focus is often on the system of interaction among family members, the roles they play, and how the system works as a unit. Like with a hula hoop, when it is moving consistently with the right motion and rhythm, it works great; the components are balanced and working in harmony. When you get tired, lose your rhythm, or something disrupts your motion, the hula hoop stops working. In families, it isn’t about targeting one person as the problem; everyone has a role to play and everyone in the family is off balance.

Learn how to resolve conflicts and keep communication flowing

Through the process of getting everyone in the family unit functioning in a healthier and more harmonious way, the therapist facilitates the parents being in their parenting roles and ensures both children and adults set appropriate boundaries. Once the family is structurally sound, focus then shifts to getting everyone on the same page to communicate, work together, be respectful, and strengthen how they function in their respective roles. With family balance and harmony, we can thrive.

Family therapy is a dynamic process and highly effective when addressing family functioning related issues.  Through collective healing and recovery, our relationships within our family play a significant factor in our overall physical health and psychological well-being. Inclusive of all types families, because ‘normal’ is what you create. Contact me today and find out how your family can become more harmonious.