TeleMental Health/ Online Therapy Available

Providing Video/Audio Conferencing for New and Existing Clients

With the health concerns surrounding the Nova Coronavirus disease or COVID-19, I am transitioning my practice to the 100% use of telemental health or online video/audio therapy through the end of April or longer as needed.

The stress of this outbreak can impact your emotional and physical health. Stress can sabotage your body’s naturally ability to fight illnesses, and is linked to dis-ease. To help protect ourselves and effectively fight against dis-ease, we need ample rest/good sleep, hydration (divide your body weight in half, and that is how many ounces of water you need per day) and attention to how we handle our stress.

If you are interested in an appointment, please see my RATES/INSURANCE page. In advance of scheduling an appointment, please confirm with your insurance plan if your in-network (AETNA only) or out-of-network benefits include coverage for Mental health services provided by “Telemental Health” or synchronous video/audio conferencing. Not all benefit plans cover Mental Health Televideo (telemental health) services. If your AETNA insurance provider plan does not offer this coverage, you will be responsible for the negotiated contract rate. If you are out-of-network or private pay, my regular session rates apply. Sliding fee scale is available upon request for private pay clients. Session rates are the same for in-person and telemental health sessions.

Contact me today to make an appointment and learn about how easy and convenient it is to connect online with Essential Connections’ therapist, Lisa Reid, LCSW.

Contact our office today to schedule a ‘telemental health’ video/audio session appointment. Your emotional and physical health matters.


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